how Janice managed to buy a condo WITHOUT having to service her mortgage for 7 years

What Janice Said About Me

"She is always ready to give her truthful opinion and bring out the best for her clients"

Looking to discover the tried-and-tested strategies that consistently worked for dozens of my clients?

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This free consultation is obligation free, and it never hurts to hear a second opinion especially when this is a 6-7 figure purchase (one of the biggest purchases in your life!). You can always use the info I will give you to bring back to your agent!

There’s a reason why people seek multiple opinions from different specialist doctors!

Yes! I love solving problems, and I’ve helped many clients with lots of requirements. I had one client who gave me a whole list of requirements such as “Below 1.3M, have a yard, near parents, move-in within 9 months” with the list going on and on.

After some thorough research, I managed to find the perfect place that they’ve been happily living in for the past 2 years!

Other agents push products, but I will not ever recommend you properties without first listening to your situation and doing all the financial planning and property roadmap with you — I care about you and your family beyond the commission.

No. $300k-$500k of capital gains in 3-5 years is rare, especially in today’s market. Based on my data and research, property is about harvesting, and most properties in SG take 5-10 years to make a decent profit.

There are not many short term gains, and paper gains are not actual gains which is what other agents are promising.

Throughout my years of expertise, so far all my clients have made money. This is about all the properties I recommend must fit into my tried-and-tested “undervalued” criteria, which works for BOTH resale and new launch property.

It depends! We’ll have to go through your needs and finances together before I can make the best recommendation for your family to be comfortable and happy!

Nope! For all my past clients, I found that it was the most insightful and time-effective for both of us when I shortlisted properties that suited their needs, instead of a generic requirement like just “location”.

After all my years talking with clients, I found that us getting on a 1-1 call is the most effective way for me to prescribe you the best recommendations and solutions based on your needs.